Custom Spraypaint Tool

Custom Spraypaint Tool

Use to create custom sprays for Counter-Strike 1.6, Team Fortress Classic, and other Half-Life games and mods.

Upload Image, Resize & Preview

Upload an image and resize to best fit the images dimensions within the tool's limits, and preview the spray paint to see what it may look like in game.


The Tool creates a Custom Tempdecal.wad file to replace the game generated Tempdecal.wad file in your game folder.

Transparency using the Colour Blue

You can use the pure color blue (0 Red, 0 Green, 255 Blue) to add transparency to your in-game spraypaint and adjust the range bar below the resize grid to remove any soft blue artifacts that appear in the preview.

Transparency using Image Properties

If you want to use the opacity properties of certain graphic files, such as with PNG, or GIF files, be aware that the halflife engine does not render partial alpha settings - only 0% or 100% opaque pixels.
- Upload your Image -
- Release Notes -
v0.3c GAMMA April 21, 2019 - June 23, 2019
  • Allow Drag-And-Drop File Selection
  • Increased Image File Size Upload Limit 5.0MB (5,000,000 Bytes)
  • Retain User Transparency and Image Dimensions Inputs Between The Tool Screen and The Preview Screen
  • Improved Original Image Dimension Resize Approach
  • Enhanced Visual Style of Tool and General Site
  • Code Optimization
    • Fixed Potential Security Flaws
    • Increased Processing Efficiency
    • Updated Service Component Versions
    • Verbose Error Handling Conditions
  • GIVEAWAY CONTEST coming soon!
v0.2 BETA December 25, 2015
  • Spray Decal Transparency
    • Default GIF Image Transparency
    • Range Bar for Blue-Offset Transparency
  • Spray Image Preview
  • HTTPS (SSL) Encryption
v0.1 ALPHA March 20, 2012
  • Allowed File Types: PNG, BMP, JPG, GIF, WAD
  • Image File Size Limit 200KB (200,000 Bytes)
  • WAD File Size Limit 15KB (15,000 Bytes)